Survey Synopsis

Aloha fellow sketchers!

Mahalo nui for participating in our survey! It appears that a clear majority is in favor of returning to in-person events: 79% (11/14) feel comfortable or very comfortable to do so. Several of you also mentioned a preference for outdoor events, and we could not agree more – in particular now that some outdoor areas are less crowded.

We are still considering options for July’s events – stay tuned for details!

Sebastian, AJ, Harald

2 Comments on “Survey Synopsis”

  1. Barbara says:

    Aren’t we still limited to gatherings of no more than 10? Or does that change in July? Of course, everyone gets together only at the end, and some people leave early.




    • Sebastian Sievert says:

      Hi Barbara,

      Yes, if we have an in-person event in July, then we would indeed modify the format given the COVID situation. We are still exploring options and will share details later on.




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