Driving Stick Shift

This past week, I sketched my car, just outside of my apartment. Cars are fun to draw – their features give them such personality. For my first sketch, I spent a good amount of time trying to get the proportions right – which worked out for the most part. Then, sitting in the driver’s seat for the second sketch, I adopted a slightly looser style, quickly eyeballing the layout of the interior. I took a few wrong turns though – whoops! I will have to return to this subject in the future. As I sketched my car, I was reminded of Florian Afflerbach’s amazing artwork. After seeing his drawings years ago, I was inspired to try some extreme close-up perspectives too … in my own way. His clean, architectural style is elusive to me. The cars I draw suddenly develop dents, scrapes, and misattached or misaligned parts. Sure is fun though. I filled a third page with some really loose doodles of my car from all sides.

Anyway, this is my car. My first car. A manual transmission hatchback that is so bright red it’s almost embarrassing. I love it though. Over a few months, I learned how to drive stick, a skill that I have always wanted to learn. It has taken me a bit to hone those hill starts, but I ain’t goin’ back! Driving is much more enjoyable and engaging with a stick shift.

Happy sketching!

7 Comments on “Driving Stick Shift”

  1. Harald Ebeling says:

    Awesome! The quick doodles in particular. Good to see that you are still finding time to sketch – and even write a blog post!

    This inspires me to head out again this weekend for a little sketching of my own…

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  2. Bronwen Welch says:

    I hope this reaches you, Sebastian. I’m entranced with your beautiful sketches! You do have a gift. I haven’t picked up a sketchbook for many months and your beautiful drawings are such an inspiration to me…they make my fingers itch!! Thank you so very much for sharing them. Bronwen Welch

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    • Sebastian Sievert says:

      Hi Bronwen!

      Thanks! That’s so kind of you. Your watercolor sketches are stunning – an inspiration to me! Yes, get that sketchbook out again!



  3. Miles O says:

    Really like the first sketch of the car. Like the way values give it depth. How did you get the grey for the interior and the tires? Felt pen?

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    • Sebastian Sievert says:

      Hi Miles,

      Thank you! Yes, for the grey tones, I used an N4 Copic marker. I was familiar with the marker brand for a while and knew that they’re popular in certain illustrator and designer circles. I decided to buy just one marker to try out, since they are incredibly expensive. I had to see for myself what all the fuss is about. :) They’re definitely neat. It’s simple to quickly lay down a second tone for shadows or accents. However, in the future, I’ll be sticking to watercolor which can be cleaner and more subtle, I think. Markers do have their strengths though.

      Happy sketching!

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  4. Olivia Marohnic says:

    I love these, Sebastian!! Especially the interior scene! Thanks for sharing. Congratulations on your first car.

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