Wild Times at the Zoo

Long lines and a lot of miscommunication today but the three of us managed to get some sketching done today at the Honolulu Zoo. Sorry Ivan for the mixed up time. You were right, the line was sooooo long. That’s why we moved the meeting time to noon.

The Zoo is huge but the three of us wore our Urban Sketching t-shirts and found each other pretty easily in the crowd. Once inside, we split up and drew separately but amazing, we all drew the same elephant!

Next week Saturday will be at the Zoo again. What animals will you draw?

5 Comments on “Wild Times at the Zoo”

  1. Will says:

    3 outstanding sketches🌻🌻🌻
    Btw where can one get a uskohau tshirt?🤓


    • uskoadmin says:

      I think there’s just one left! If you make it to one of our events, I can bring it for you to see in person.


  2. Carolina Bourgeois says:

    I never received any notice about a time change to noon.


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    • uskoadmin says:

      Sorry about that Carolina! We waited in the front of the zoo until 10:15 and there were only 3 of us so I didn’t know you were there. It took us so long to get in (30 minutes) so we moved the meeting time back to give us a little more time to sketch. Sorry we missed you!


  3. Will says:

    3 *’s…and 3 good artists ***…Now if i can only get one of those uskoahu tshirts ;)


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