Headstones and High Rises

Heavy clouds and more than a sprinkling of rain earlier in the morning set an ominous sign for today’s sketch event in Nuʻuanu, but the heavens looked favorably upon us in the end. Light rains early on were perfectly matched to the serene, if somber, views at the Oʻahu Cemetery but gave way to full sun in time for our show-and-tell session under one of many large trees. All of us were torn between sketching details of headstones and monuments on one side, and the panoramic view of the grounds, contrasted sharply by the high rises right next to it, on the other. Different approaches were on display again, both regarding the composition of our sketches and the choice of media and style. It was a peaceful morning with a very personal touch, as several sketchers could not only share stories and history of the area but in fact had family interred here.

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Stay tuned for details about our next event on ​August 1​9​ at UH Mānoa!

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