Meet the Correspondent: AJ Tauber








Although she loves the visual arts, AJ considers herself more of a writer than anything else. Nonetheless, she is an enthusiastic cofounder of the regional Urban Sketchers group in O‘ahu (Hawai‘i). One day she hopes to produce sketches that are as jaw-dropping as the ones regularly posted on the Urban Sketchers website.

Having a lifelong interest in anthropology, AJ is naturally drawn to the “storytelling” aspect of sketching, and values in particular the human connections that sketching creates and documents. Although she first encountered Urban Sketchers online in 2012, an opportunity to actually mingle with fellow sketchers arose only in 2013, during a visit to Lyon, France, and later when in the San Francisco Bay Area. Both occasions were memorable for the ease with which sketching allowed total strangers to immediately find common ground and communicate.

Thoroughly hooked, AJ’s primary goal at this time (beyond improving her sketching skills) is to help develop an active group of urban sketchers in her area, both by attracting members of the local art community and by creating interest in sketching amongst those who do not (yet) view themselves as artists.

5 Comments on “Meet the Correspondent: AJ Tauber”

  1. Alan says:

    Hi AJ,
    My name is Alan. This will be my first time attending one of your events. Since the map function wasn’t working on the meetup website, I was wondering if you could give me your cell number? My number is 489-2896. Mahalo.


    • AJ Tauber says:

      Hi Alan,

      We look forward to meeting you! I’ll text you my number closer to 0900 in case you are enjoying a restful Saturday morning. Feel free to text / call if you have trouble finding us. See you soon!



  2. Theresa Hall says:

    Is the group still active? I will be visiting Oahu in 2021 and would like to sketch with the group. What colors should I pack for Hawaii-I work in watercolors.


    • AJ Tauber says:

      Hi Theresa! We definitely hope to be active in 2021. Please reach out as your trip draws near or keep an eye on the website. As for watercolor choices, the very basics seem to be popular here (even the paint sets that one would find at school). Hope to sketch with you at some point, AJ.


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