Save the Date – June 17th, 2023

Sorry we’ve been MIA recently. Life happens. We got busy. But now let’s get back on track.


SATURDAY, JUNE 17th, 2023

9 to 11 am

Honolulu Fire Museum Tour

620 South Street

There’s a free tour once a month and I’ve booked 6 tickets for anyone who wants to take the tour and sketch. Free parking at the fire station.

I’ll post more later but wanted to let you know so you can save the date!

Happy sketching,

Christine, Ivan, and Terri

Canceling This Saturday’s Event

I’ve told some of you in person that we will be meeting this Saturday at the Heart of Honolulu Street Festival. Well, we just couldn’t get it organized in time. Sorry about that. So we won’t be meeting as a group. But I encourage you to attend if you can to check it out. It looks like a great event.

Interested in sketching this week?

Hi all. One of the perks of living in Hawai’i is that we frequently get out-of-town sketchers who are vacationing and want to join us for sketching. Since we only meet once a month, it doesn’t always work out for everyone’s schedule. Today, I received a message from a visitor from California that is on Oahu until March 25th and would like to get together informally as a group to sketch. If interested, email us at and I will connect you to make arrangements.

Happy sketching,


Sake and Sketches

Just a small group sketching at the Honolulu Festival but what a fun morning of sketching crowds, taiko performers, the Convention Center, sake, and flowers.

I’m not very good at photo editing without Photoshop.

Thank you for coming out today. I hope you had a chance to enjoy the festival and the sketching.

Celebrating the Honolulu Festival

One of the largest cultural exchange events in Hawai’i will be happening March 10-12, 2023. Let’s capture what we see with our urban sketching.

Let’s meet at 10am near this statue.

You’ll have 1.5 hours to sketch what you see. We’ll meet again at the statue at 11:30 to share our sketches.

Honolulu Festival took a break because of the pandemic. It’s now back. The Festival attracts thousands of attendees who wish to experience the rich and vibrant blend of Asia, Pacific, and Hawaiian cultures. There will be live performances from regions such as Japan, Australia, Tahiti, the Philippines, Taiwan, South Korea, and Hawai’i. Enjoy art exhibits, crafts, and food galore. Admission is free. There is a parking fee.

If attending, please RSVP at by Friday, March 10th. Hope to see you there!

Saying Aloha to Aloha Stadium

So grateful that Aloha Stadium was open to the public for one last Aloha ‘Oe. Although we didn’t buy orange stadium seats to take home, we did get one last look and the opportunity to sketch Aloha Stadium one last time.

Just a small group of sketchers today. Sorry Ivan, we missed you. Those of us that did get to go inside, were treated to view a museum of great memorabilia including concert posters, football jerseys, helmets, and more. We got to walk inside the locker rooms that the players were and be on the field of many touchdowns and famous live performances including Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, and the Eagles.

After a week of heavy rain, we were grateful for a nice sunny day to take part of this final farewell to Aloha Stadium.

Saying Aloha to Aloha Stadium

A huge public event is happening on Saturday, February 25th! Let’s be there to capture it all with our sketches.

This event is free to the public with tickets to enter at 10am to noon. But if you check the website now, there is a waitlist for tickets. Thankfully, I snagged 10 tickets for Urban Sketchers before they sold out for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

The first 10 people to RSVP at with get a free ticket. Parking for this event is $1 for kama’ainas. It will be crowded so let’s meet near the entrance. Please include your phone number in your email.

Because of the size of this event and the stadium, we’re meeting at 10am to distribute tickets and at 12:30pm to share our sketches. That will give everyone more time to walk around and choose a location to sketch.

Read more about the all day activities happening at Aloha Stadium.

Save the Date – Feb 25th!

We’ve got our next event lined up so save the date – Saturday, Feb 25th. More info will be posted later. Check back later next week! Thanks, Terri

Our First Sketching Event for 2023!

Thank you to all who braved the crowds and rain to make it to our first Urban Sketching event for 2023! We were happy to see Bruce again from Urban Sketchers Houston with his wife. And we welcomed Linda from Urban Sketchers Korea. We also were delighted to have Debby join our group.

It was pretty crowded at the KCC Farmer’s Market. Lots of food, veggies, beverages, and plants.

Even saw a several lions dancing away! Happy New Year.

Luckily, we decided to meet away from crowd.

Keep sketching everyone,


Happy New Year

2023 is moving fast so we have to move fast to capture it all in our sketches. Hope you are happily sketching wherever you are.

We’re starting January sketching at KCC Farmer’s Market on January 28th. Let’s meet at 10am near the cactus garden.

The KCC Farmer’s Market is located on the campus of Kapiolani Community College. It is open 7:30am to 11am so it will be bustling by the time we arrive at 10am to sketch. In fact you may want to get there early as parking fill up fast. Plus if you get there early, you can treat yourself to great local grinds while the Farmer’s Market is open. As usual, we’ll sketch from 10 to 11:30 and meet as a group at 11:30 to share our sketches.

The KCC Farmer’s Market is one of the most famous Farmer’s Market on Oahu drawing locals and visitors from around the world to delight in local flavors, flowers, plants, and vegetables. Support local famers and small businesses!

For us, it’s a great people place to sketch. Besides the crowds, there are vendors and tents to sketch. There’s a fabulous cactus garden nearby. And if you interested in structures, Diamond Head Theatre, which is across the street, just finished construction and opened to the public this month. There’s a lot to see and experience at the KCC Farmer’s Market with plenty of free parking.

Looking forward to seeing you there! If attending, please email us at by Friday, January 27th with your name and phone number. Hope to see you on January 28th!