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Happy Arbor Day!

For anyone arriving by car, finding parking posed a bit of a challenge this morning; a testament to the popularity of the Arbor Day Honolulu Festival – now in its 2nd year – at Foster Botanical Garden. Educational booths and workshops, kids activities, and of the course the annual tree giveaway attracted crowds and created boundless sketching opportunities. The extensive garden grounds also offered ample refuge for sketchers longing for less fast moving scenery. Show-and-tell illustrated our preferences, from exotic flowers, through giant trees, to sweeping depictions of the crowds with their botanical loot from the day. Chatting and socializing followed, as we succumbed to the lure of the pleasant setting and ample shade trees.

Thank you to the Arbor Day team for hosting our sketchers during the festival!

As always, don’t forget to check out our sketches on Flickr and upload your own!

Make sure to stay tuned for our next event!

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Next Event!

Celebrate Arbor Day by sketching with us next Saturday! For more information about the Arbor Day Honolulu Festival click here.

New T-Shirt!

Having celebrated our 5th anniversary just last weekend, we created a new t-shirt for the occasion!

What you need to know:
1. Cost: $15
2. Color: Mint (approximate color depicted)
3. Material: 100% cotton
4. Sizes: Unisex – Adult S, M, L, XL
5. The t-shirts will be available for pick-up at future events, starting in November.

If you are interested, email us (uskoahu at gmail dot com) t-shirt size and quantity. Please also note that this is a limited run.

Happy sketching!

Climate Strike

I attended the Climate Strike at the Hawaiʻi State Capitol in Honolulu last Friday. Although I whooped along with everyone else, I was mainly sketching the crowd and people’s signs as we walked from Washington Place to the capitol, and then to Honolulu Hale and the Kalanimoku building. Sketching so many moving subjects was exhausting. I’m still figuring out how to sketch dynamic action scenes!

Birthday Bash!

This morning we celebrated USkO’s 5th anniversary at Magic Island, the location of our inaugural event in 2014. Although we lacked the obligatory bouncy castle, we made up for it with enthusiasm and personal flair when sketching the beach, the ever-developing Kakaʻako skyline, and a group of daring practitioners of SUP yoga (an irresistible sketch target).

We ended the day with a giveaway of art supplies generously provided by Hawaiian Graphics and an announcement of our new t-shirt – information will be available online soon! The festive mood was further enhanced by treats from Nancy, Susan, and Terri & Bill (mahalo to all!) that fueled an extended post-sketch lunchtime social on this special day.

It’s been a great (first) five years – thanks to all of you for being such #awesome #sketchers and #fabulous #company (still practicing, Terri)!

As always, don’t forget to check out our sketches on Flickr and upload your own!

Make sure to stay tuned for our next event!

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Throwback Thursday

Here is a sketch from back in 2016 that never made it onto the website. I cycled to the Mānoa farmers’ market one morning and drew the produce stands. My perch on the second-floor walkway offered a wonderful bird’s-eye view of the marketplace. It was good practice with perspective, as I had not done many sketches with multiple vanishing points.

Hope to see you on Saturday!