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Chicken Sketchings

Although its parking lot is often filled to capacity already in the morning, Hanauma Bay made up for logistical challenges with glorious views and a cool breeze. A ridiculously fluffy chicken (depicted in some of our first sketches) brightened our day further. So cute!

Avoiding the busy beach area allowed us to take in the scenery from a high vantage point and added vendors and their concession stands to the already long list of potential sketch targets. Our show-and-tell session revolved around the roaming chickens, the intriguingly braided trunks of the kiawe trees shading the picnic area, and the different approaches taken in our attempts to sketch the main attraction: the impossibly blue and turquoise and grey waters of Hanauma Bay.

Join us on September 3 or 4 for more sketching. Or come on both days!

Also, do not forget to check out the day’s sketches on Flickr – and upload yours!

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Tugged and Tied

Honolulu Harbor was active this morning. Tugboats waltzed barges around, speakers blared on a recently docked cruise ship, and numerous small vessels zipped by. From our vantage point, we could see it all… including curtains of rain missing us by just a couple of city blocks.

Show-and-tell exposed us to the usual variety of styles, techniques, and sketch sizes (this week’s extreme being a smartphone!). Special themes touched upon today: speed sketching (those barges move fast… or do we sketch slowly?) and details versus sweeping strokes. Other than that, we were grateful to Darby for holding off for the duration of our event.

As always, feedback is very welcome: if you have suggestions for future locations, or ideas regarding the format of our events, please let us know!

Also, do not forget to check out the day’s sketches on Flickr – and upload yours!

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Mo‘olelo o Moanalua

The Prince Lot Hula Festival is one of our favorite events in the islands. Having missed it for several years in a row, we were excited to return this weekend to see Hālau Hula from the islands in the idyllic setting of Moanalua Gardens. The atmosphere was as wonderful as we remembered it (and so were the poi mochi). Both ancient and modern hula (hula kahiko and hula ‘auana) were performed beautifully, complemented by a concert of the Royal Hawaiian Band at noon. To us, this event embodies much of what we love about Hawai‘i: the history, mele and hula, people who care. Oh, and we managed to do a little sketching too!

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Botanical Bonanza and a Klamoring Kitty

This morning we ventured into Koko Crater Botanical Garden, a place most of us had not visited in a decade, if at all. Beyond the beautiful plumeria grove that many of us remembered, the garden offers views of American Southwest, Hawaiian, and African flora. It was not all rosy though: the expanse of the grounds all but swallowed some of our sketchers in search of the ideal scene.

Appreciating the shade provided by the many stately trees on a hot day, sketchers used gouache and other color media to capture the garden’s rich hues and wildlife (birds, stray cats, and chickens), as well as pencil and pen to exhibit the stark contrasts created by the late-morning sun. Digital media did not make an appearance this time, but Ivan pointed us to magazine cover art by Jorge Colombo that nicely demonstrates digital finger painting.

Stay tuned for our next event – to be announced soon!

(For those interested, next weekend brings us the Prince Lot Hula Festival in Moanalua Valley. Let us know if you will be there too and would like to connect.)

And, as always, do not forget to check out the day’s sketches on Flickr – and upload yours!

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