Assets from Draw A Car Demo

Thank everyone for joining us this past Saturday. Here are my notes and the zoom video recording.

Point-to-Point Drawing Demo Files

Thanks everyone for joining our drawing demo today! Here are today’s drawing, the reference image, and the video recording. Unfortunately in the video recording part of the drawing was blocked by the participants windows. Next time we have a demo I’ll be sure to draw in the center of the screen instead of the side.

Notes from Sketching People Demo

Thanks for joining the sketching demo this morning. As promised here are my notes from today. Stay tuned for announcements on future demos. Send us an email if there’s a topic you’d like to see covered.

How to Draw a Goat Part 1 – Proportions

Howdy all! Our next sketching meet up at the goat farm, Sweet Land Farm, is this weekend! Aren’t you excited?! I’ve put together this little drawing demo of how I approach drawing goats. This first video goes over analyzing and internalizing a goat’s proportion so that when we’re all at the farm you can concentrate on drawing and not figuring out how-to-draw the goats.

To find out more about our drawing event this weekend please check out Teri’s post where you can also RSVP your spot: Ready, Set, GOAT! Hope to see you there!

8/22/2020 Virtual Sketching

A message from Terri:

Mahalo to everyone participating in our virtual sketching every Saturday. We know it’s not as fun as in-person group sketching but hopefully you are still having fun and enjoy sharing your art with fellow sketchers. Always so impressed with your artwork!

Saturday’s theme is to “Tell A Story In Isolation”. Think about how your sketch reflects YOU at this moment. Are you binge-watching Netflix? Perhaps, you are reading more books. Use colors to reflect your mood. This one is about YOU and your story. Can’t wait to see your creative sketches!

8/15/2020 Virtual Sketching

We’ve got another virtual sketching session planned for this Saturday, 8/15/2020. Our theme is for you to use a new media! Now is your chance to explore and experiment! Have fun and be creative with it. As always post your beautiful artwork on Urban Sketchers Oahu’s Group Page on Flickr and also on Instagram using the hashtag #urbansketcheroahu.