Manoa Marketplace Farmer’s Market

With slightly overcast skies and a pleasant breeze, this morning brought out friendly faces and a small, but vibrant farmer’s market.

Although trying to capture the layout and architecture of the marketplace was a good challenge, I regret not having focused more on the people mingling between the stands. On future excursions I will first take a look at what the most important elements are that I want to show. I will ask myself a few deliberate questions: How much time do I want to spend or have? What is the subject, and what are the key elements that accompany it? What medium or media would best depict this subject? What do I want to challenge myself with?

I used watercolor and pen on dry-media, acid-free, heavyweight 9x6in. paper.

2 Comments on “Manoa Marketplace Farmer’s Market”

  1. Su Atta says:

    What fun! Would love to join you all some time! I am affiliated with a non profit art center as well…

    Please contact me! 226-3883


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    • AJ Tauber says:

      Hi, Su. Please check our Upcoming Events tab for information on our next event (July 11). Would be great to meet you.


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