Crossing Paths with SF Bay Area Urban Sketchers

For the second time this year, at least one of us was able to make it to the San Francisco Bay Area Urban Sketchers‘ First Thursday event. It was held in Berkeley at Pedro’s Brazil Cafe & Westbrae Biergarten and was attended / hosted by a very welcoming crowd, as usual.

After settling in, I looked for subjects that were challenging with regard to depth / perspective and began my work. For reasons that are still somewhat mysterious to me, some of the children playing in the outdoor area found me quite captivating, and I fielded many questions about what I was doing, when I would start my next sketch, and why I was not using colour. After some time the nearby parents rescued me (though I will admit that I enjoyed talking to the young’uns) and I continued with the mission at hand.

It was a pleasant evening with many subjects to focus on … from the swiftly moving to the stationary! One of the evening’s high points was the show-and-tell session; the sketches exhibited were impressive and intriguingly variable in the styles presented. As before, I left inspired and anxious to continue practising. Two of my sketches are included with this post.

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