Windward, finally!

Although weather forecasts predicted heavy rain for the weekend, our event at Windward Community College only received a sprinkle. Nevertheless, it seems that the weather did deter some people, as we were a small group – small, but enthusiastic!

Apart from a team of students promoting higher education (they wore great t-shirts with the slogan, “Keep Calm and Go to College”!), the campus was largely empty. The vibrant colors of WCC (undergoing renovations and construction after receiving a federal grant) and the clouds sinking into the Ko‘olau Mountains created a great atmosphere for sketching.

We got together for our traditional show-and-tell toward the end of the event to share sketches ranging from a hen and her eleven chicks to views of the lush grounds and buildings. Below are a few photos of us.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We hope to see everyone at our next event! We will be alternating between windward and Honolulu locations, as well as others, in an attempt to be in everybody’s neighborhood at some point.

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  1. Tessa Dudley says:

    Thankss great blog post


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