Sketching on Safeway’s Patio

We held our first midweek event last Thursday – and it was a smashing success! Safeway’s manager, Preston, kindly gave us permission to use the store’s outdoor patio which turned out to be the perfect venue for our sizeable group of sketchers. The elevated vantage point gave us sweeping views of the Waikiki skyline as the sun set and a wide choice of indoor and outdoor sketching targets.

As always we had a show-and-tell at the end. We had a range of city scenes in various stages of dusk, details from the store, the impressive vaulted ceilings and suspended lights of the patio, and quite a few sketches of USkOahu members. Jenny and Carol shared tips on materials… make sure to store your Micron pens upside down from now on. Different and very inventive new formats of sketch pads caught our attention: Ikumi made an accordion-style sketchbook, and Caroline and Joseph sketched on postcards.

Unfortunately, our traditional group photo did not turn out too well this time, but we have at least snapshots of some of us. For the full experience, you will just have to join us next time. :) We hope to see everyone’s sketches on Flickr!

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2 Comments on “Sketching on Safeway’s Patio”

  1. Jennybhawaii says:

    We had a Wonderful time! I look forward to the next one!

    Liked by 1 person

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