Board Game Night at the Mall

On Wednesday evening, we held an event at Kahala Mall’s Center Court which was bustling with activity. Shoppers were passing by, chess and Scrabble players were hunched over their boards, the Apple Store was filled with technology lovers, and people were eating dinner by the mall’s fountain.

We were sad to have one of our smallest showings this year, but tickled to welcome our first UH-affiliated participants (not counting the USk O‘ahu organizers). Dan and Justin, from UH Mānoa’s ACM Animation Program, demonstrated animation-style sketching that was complemented nicely by Ruth Ann’s equally dynamic figure drawings. We are determined to boost attendance at future events. Perhaps we can lean on Dan to establish Urban Sketchers’ events as an extra-credit activity for animation students. ;)

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For those who could not attend our most recent weekday gatherings, make sure to come to our next event on the weekend of Nov 7!

2 Comments on “Board Game Night at the Mall”

  1. I think a mid-week get together is a great idea, worth persuing. I was going to suggest it as something our USK group (USk Canberra, we’ve just started our facebook group) could consider for next year’s event list.

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    • Sebastian Sievert says:

      We were pleasantly surprised by the turnout on a midweek evening. Definitely worth experimenting with different times to see what works for your group. All the best to USk Canberra!

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