A Visit with San Diego Urban Sketchers

The aspect that I enjoy most about the Urban Sketchers (USk) organization is its worldwide network of artists. When I traveled to San Diego recently I was fortunate to go at a time when the local group had scheduled a weekend event. For this reason I was able to cross paths with my fourth USk chapter.

San Diego Urban Sketchers held their 10/18 meetup on Coronado Island. The weather was accommodating, the scenery was captivating, and the company was incredibly welcoming. As usual, I was blown away by the artwork exhibited at the show-and-tell session toward the end of the get-together.


Photo by Lydia

My sketch was of the west side of the historic Hotel del Coronado … and includes an attempt to capture a spin class that was being held outdoors that morning.


The employees on the beach were very accommodating as I crouched in the lounge area to sketch the scene (green sweatshirt in background).

Photo by Tricia de Luna

Photo by Tricia de Luna

I hope to visit this group again and I encourage fellow sketchers to look for local USk chapters wherever their travels take them!


3 Comments on “A Visit with San Diego Urban Sketchers”

  1. Feel free to drop in and visit if you are ever in Canberra, Australia! We were welcomed in Singapore and are happy to extend a welcome to any visiting sketchers here.


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