Art on Tantalus

After a week of rather wet weather, Sunday brought blue skies and sunshine to Tantalus; perfect conditions for today’s event at the Honolulu Museum of Art Spalding House. The grounds are a delight, offering a plethora of angles for sketches of the museum building, outdoor art installations, or simply the gorgeous views. We had the pleasure of meeting Lauren, artist in residence, who was tending to her “living” installation (it contains moss!) which will be on display for one more week. Returning sketchers as well as new arrivals took up position on a few of the many shady spots on the lawn, and the resulting artwork demonstrated yet again a wonderful diversity of subjects and styles.

Below are photos of our show-and-tell session and of sketchers in action. Join the fun on November 21 when we attend and sketch a harp performance inside the Hawai‘i State Library!

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2 Comments on “Art on Tantalus”

  1. Anita Benson says:

    Could you tell me how to open this, please? Anita


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