Sketching a Harpist at the Library

Librarian and harpist Sally Walstrum performed at the Hawai‘i State Library yesterday afternoon. She had selected pieces from a variety of genres (some involving audience participation), showcasing the versatility of her instruments which included both a concert pedal and electric harp. Sketchers in attendance, including several newcomers, had a rare opportunity to engage in figure drawing of (almost) stationary “models” – some of them fellow members of the audience. We hope to develop closer ties with the library for future events – which may involve exhibiting our sketches.

Below are photos of Sally’s exciting performance and of our subsequent show-and-tell session.

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4 Comments on “Sketching a Harpist at the Library”

  1. June Basset says:

    Looks like a nice event, but where are the sketches? You used to show some of the sketches and it encourages the shy to come out.


    • Sebastian Sievert says:

      Hello June,

      No need to be shy around us! We encourage sketchers to post their artwork on Flickr and we will be posting more sketches on the blog, starting next week.

      Hope to see you next Saturday!


  2. I can’t see the images on your page (or on the mobile app).


    • AJ Tauber says:

      Hi Leonie! How odd. We tried this multiple times on several different browsers … no issues from our end. Have you tried the basic “quick fixes” … clearing your cache, etc? Hope this sorts out …

      Liked by 1 person

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