A Royal Afternoon

Today’s sketch event at Queen Emma Summer Palace was preceded by a logistical roller coaster of sorts: Although we learned at the last minute that the palace itself would be closed, it actually was not (to the surprise of even the employees), allowing some of us to take the guided tour we had been looking forward to. Our knowledgeable guide Leilani provided a fascinating overview of Queen Emma’s life and times from the days of Kamehameha the Great to the waning years of the Hawaiian kingdom.

Our subsequent sketching session was less heartbreaking – and well attended. Covering views of the palace, the giant trees, and the palace grounds, our sketches sampled the scenes and employed an even wider range of media and techniques than usual (computer-based sketching made its second appearance at one of our gatherings). Diversity was indeed the theme of the day, with designers, writers, jewelers, and animators joining the fun. The weather was pleasant too, with only the lightest of drizzles felt on occasion.

Finally, and most importantly, we introduced a new, exciting prop for show and tell – can you spot it in our pictures? Hint: it is a #2…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

As always, don’t forget to check out the day’s sketches on Flickr!

Our next event will be on June 29 at Whole Foods Kailua. Stay tuned for details!

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