Pods, Pumps, and Pools

Archie Baker Park in Makiki may appear unassuming but yesterday magnificently illustrated the Urban Sketcher credo: to the curious eye, worthy sketching targets will reveal themselves everywhere. At Archie Baker Park, many of us found themselves enthralled by the most enormous Earpod tree (a designated Hawaiʻi Exceptional Tree) at the makai end of the park, but the pumping station and water tank at the other end were featured in several sketches too, as were many of the charming residential dwellings in the neighborhood. Following in Mayumi’s footsteps, Sebastian presented a brief architectural and historical overview (Archie Baker served the Board of Water Supply for 46 years) that had us wishing the wading pool in front of the pumping station (a deliberate adornment added by architect Hart Wood) was still around. Show-and-tell proved as inspiring as ever, offering a wide range of media, styles, and subjects. And the weather was perfect too –– what more could one ask for?

As always, don’t forget to check out our sketches on Flickr and upload your own!

Stay tuned for our next event in June… to be announced soon!

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