Uploading to Flickr

Below is a step-by-step tutorial for anyone needing help uploading images to the USkO Flickr group.

With your Flickr account open:
1. Click on the upload button (white cloud icon with upward arrow) at the top right of the webpage near the avatar for your account. A window will appear letting you select images to upload from your device.

Note: This will upload your images to your individual Photostream.

2. For you to share your images with the USkO Flickr group, navigate to our group Flickr page. If you are part of the Flickr group*, you can click on the blue “Add Photo” button right by the Photo Pool on the main page. Then, select images from your own Photostream to upload to the group page. Done!

*If you are not yet part of the USkO Flickr group, please click the button “Join Group” at the top of the group webpage and we will accept the request as soon as possible. It helps to include your name in the message option in case it is not evident from your username. (This is just a minimal safeguard to ensure that just sketchers post to the page.)

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