The New Normal?

I hope everyone at USkO and their loved ones are safe and healthy, in the upside-down world we’re in right now.

I noticed our small box of gloves and one of our fabric masks waiting for use near our front door, and felt compelled to sketch them.  They represent a little snapshot in the enormous scope of this pandemic.  Watercolor, pen and colored pencils all played a part in the sketch.

The box of gloves is what we had in our household supply.  The fabric mask was made by me.  I began sewing masks from scrap fabric and thread several weeks ago, when I sensed that this would become a necessity.  Thanks to donations of bits of spare fabric and thread from some lovely people, I’ve been able to continue making a few masks for those who request.

One Comment on “The New Normal?”

  1. AJ Tauber says:

    Love your sketch. The mask straps and layers are super!


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