Return to Virtual Sketching

Hi All! As you may have already guessed, the increase of new COVID-19 inflections on O’ahu is causing us to take a step back. As much as we would have liked to, we feel like it would be irresponsible to meet as a group, when so many in our community are falling ill and dying.

So for the next few Saturdays, we will be adding prompts for sketching. We may be apart, but we can still share our sketches together.

Date: Saturday, August 8, 2020
Location: Any place you feel safe
Theme: Same view at different hours. Pick a view and sketch it at different times of the day, capturing the light and shadow differences. Sounds fun? We hope so.

We encourage everyone to post and comment online as soon as possible, preferably on the same day at:

Also, please post your sketch on Instagram and tag us @urbansketchersoahu. Our Instagram has 30 followers, including local and worldwide artists. Let’s share our artwork with the world!

3 Comments on “Return to Virtual Sketching”

  1. AJ Tauber says:

    Sketch #1 is done … waiting for time to pass for sketch #2! :)


  2. I know, Terri, it is hard to escape the narrative that “so many in our community are falling ill and dying” (the news reiterate that message every day), but fact is that the flu kills over a magnitude more people each year in Hawai‘i than COVID-19: over 100 each month during the average flu season. Just for perspective.

    Happy sketching!


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