Sketching, hiking, and giving back to our community

We have a last minute opportunity to sketch, hike, and give back to our community that we hope everyone can participate.

Sorry, this is really last minute! One of my online classmates (I’m taking a Digital Design class with the O’ahu Back to Work program) has offered our Digital Design classmates and us at Urban Sketchers O’ahu a rare opportunity to plant native trees at an endangered Yellow-faced bee site and then guide us on a 2-mile coastal hike to a bird sanctuary. Our guide, Kris Mar works for Wildlife and Forestry Division for DNLR. He is also a talented artist.

Artwork by Kris Mar. Created in Adobe Illustrator. ®2020

This is not an official Urban Sketcher Oahu event. But a great opportunity for us as artists to experience the beauty of our island in a personal and reflective way.

Kris will bring garden gloves and trowels. But says you can bring your own gloves if you want. Also he says to bring plenty of water, snack, and sun protection.

Planting is at the entrance of the park. Then he will take us on an optional hike to see a bird sanctuary.

Please email us if you are interested in attending at

2 Comments on “Sketching, hiking, and giving back to our community”

  1. AJ Tauber says:

    Thanks for posting this opportunity … hope the day went well!


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