Monkey Around With Us 

Join us on June 25th and July 2nd at the Honolulu Zoo as we look for fun and interesting animals and/or people to sketch. Feel free to join us on both Saturdays or just one day.

Entrance fee for Kama’aina is $8. Driver’s license or State ID is required for the discount. There is metered parking available.

The Zoo opens at 10am on Saturday so we will meet at the Zoo entrance. 

If attending the group event at the Zoo, please email us at by Friday, June 24th with your name and phone number. Please be considerate of others around you and stay home if you feel sick.

To prep for our sketching event, Christine is doing live demos on Thursdays at 6pm. Email us if you want to join and we will send you a link. If you missed the last one, Christine recorded the session and posted it in this blog for all to enjoy.

Looking forward to seeing you on Saturday!

4 Comments on “Monkey Around With Us ”

  1. Aloha Terri-

    I would like the link for the Thursday demo. And I will be at the zoo on Saturday.

    Mahalo, Michelle (Zoom screen name « Emjay »

    Michelle Sent via 👁☎️



  2. ivan kaisan says:

    terri pls respond to my previous email. i did check yesterday at 10a. the line is huge everyday until zoo opens. then it takes about half an hour for the line to get thru entry. i’d like to come for show and tell only and if i can do that w/o entering zoo so much the better. last time i went inside the zoo i was very disappointed how many animals were missing or closed up. ivan


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