What a Fun Day to Be Painting

What a great day to be at Magic Island painting with Mark Brown and his fine art group!

Even the sailboats wanted to be included in our artwork.

A huge MAHALO to Mark Brown who generously gifted 3 Urban Sketchers with blank canvases, oil paints, use of his easels, and art supplies. We so appreciated Mark’s time and talent as he demonstrated his skills and worked with us individually to improve our skills.

I couldn’t be prouder of Vicky, Wei-Hann, and Noah who put down their sketchbooks and tried their hand at oil painting. They had so much fun exploring a new medium.

Thank you also to Mark Brown’s group of talented artists. It was so nice to talk story with you and see your amazing work.

It was definitely a great day to be an Urban Sketcher-Painter!

7 Comments on “What a Fun Day to Be Painting”

  1. Will says:

    wow…what a group of talented artists. And to work with oil…which i have always shied away from because my lack of knowledge using oil especially mixing the various colors.

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  2. Vicky Lohman says:

    Thank you Terry for organizing. It was so generous of Mark to spend the morning with us. It was wonderful to meet everyone.

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  3. Will says:

    Hey guys the Honolulu Sketch Group needs
    a new Organizer. Anyone interested?
    They may have to close down if they cannot find one😪
    They r on the Meetup site…i would but i am in California now.


  4. uskoadmin says:

    Hi Will. We actually have three administrators at Oahu Urban Sketchers so we are not in need of a new organizer.


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