Sketching in Kaka’ako

We spent this morning appreciating architecture and art at Mother Waldron Playground in Kaka’ako. Kaka’ako is such a vibrant community in the heart of urban Honolulu. The streets are full of colorful murals covering nearly every wall you see. It is an inspiring place and as Urban Sketchers, you have to appreciate city art, the unique architecture, and the artist vibe of Kaka’ako.

Thanks to Mayumi, representing American Institute of Architects (AIA) Hawaii. While we were sketching, AIA hosted walking tours to the public. I wish I could have tagged along on the tour, but of course, I would rather be sketching.

So glad it didn’t rain and a really nice group of sketchers really immersed themselves to capture everything Kaka’ako has to offer.

One Comment on “Sketching in Kaka’ako”

  1. Will says:

    10-11 great artists (counting photographer).
    Btw great photo’s


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