Small Group Sketching at Honolulu Hale

There were just four of us today sketching at Honolulu: Noah, Ivan, ByungKuk (visiting from Korea), and myself. I ran into Wei Hann after the meet up who was sketching down the street. So, I guess there were 5 of us. When the group is small, it’s a great time to talk story and look at everyone’s sketchbooks which is always very impressive.

It was great to meet ByungKuk from Urban Sketchers Seoul. He said he was new to the chapter but his sketchbook is beautiful with bright watercolor of his travels. He is here for the Honolulu Marathon and we were so happy to have him join our small group.

I took a bunch of photos today but unfortunately I am having problems with my iPhone. If I am able to restore my photos from today, I will repost this entry. My apologies for my low tech ability.

Wishing everyone Happy Holidays. Stay safe and keep sketching.

See you in 2023!


UPDATE: Thank you to ByungKuk (Kay) who took these photos and sent them to me to share!

2 Comments on “Small Group Sketching at Honolulu Hale”

  1. Will says:

    Sorry I missed u in November when I was in Waikiki-I was on HOMA property later that day and took a tour of the museum- hope to join u guys sometime next year:) Hope everyone has a great holiday :)


  2. Warren Mackenzie says:

    Terri, are you guys aware that in April 2023 the URBAN SKETCHERS INTERNATIONAL CONVENTION is being held down here in Auckland New Zealand. For 3 days and I believe some sketch instructors are staying on to do extra “classes”.

    Easy to find on the Web and we are not far from Hawaii, from memory your airline is back to flying down here.

    April is the start of winter, no too cold at that time of the year here but if you also holidayed in the South Island you might see snow.

    I joined your group just before COVID hit, we were about to go for a holiday to France that took in an Erin Hill Sketching trip and having been the Hawaii a couple of time I lined you guys up for the next trip that I would time to take in the last Saturday and do some sketching with you. I by the way are NOT a very proficient sketches.



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