Meet the Correspondent: Sebastian Sievert

Sebastian is passionate about the arts and has experimented with many of its forms (drawing, painting, sculpture, ceramics) through academic courses and personal exploration. He particularly enjoys sketching because it not only invites the use of many different media and techniques, but also naturally leads to a greater awareness of one’s surroundings (both human and material).

Since his discovery of Urban Sketchers, Sebastian has made sketching a regular part of his life. A founder of Urban Sketchers O‘ahu, he is excited (and more than a little intimidated) by the challenge of building a vibrant chapter of sketchers to learn from and share with.

Come and join USk O‘ahu before Sebastian resorts to forcibly recruiting innocent bystanders!

2 Comments on “Meet the Correspondent: Sebastian Sievert”

  1. Deb Haugen says:

    It was great to meet the group Sebastian, and thank you for founding it. I am thrilled to be back drawing again and meeting other artists with the urban passion!.

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    • Sebastian Sievert says:

      It’s been great sketching with you! Hope your summer has started off well and we see you at an upcoming event!


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