USkO is Back!

Aloha fellow sketchers,

We are delighted to announce a couple of developments!

Before all, our next gathering will bring us to a big landmark:


Thank you, sketchers! To celebrate this achievement (and in response to the majority opinion expressed by you in the recent USkO survey), we would like to announce that our next event will be held in person on July 25 by the State Capitol. Details will follow in the event flyer.

Additionally, we want to take this opportunity to announce a change in USkO leadership and to introduce a new team of “administrators”. These will be familiar faces to all of you, and we are excited by their enthusiasm! More on all that later.

Celebrate #100! July 25. State Capitol. See you there!

Sebastian, AJ, Harald

P.S. Although we will not be holding any more organized virtual events this month, feel free to head out to sketch – and share online!  :)