Go Big. Go Bold in Chinatown.

If you think art is an isolated hobby, try painting and sketching in the heart of Chinatown. Bustling with street vendors, shoppers, and colorful people, there is not a minute of sketching without someone peering over your shoulder. Creating art in public does invite the curious. Although it may be uncomfortable at times, it is our mission as Urban Sketchers to raise awareness about art in our community.

From Urban Sketchers website:

Our mission

Our mission is to raise the artistic, storytelling, and educational value of on-location drawing, promoting its practice and connecting people around the world who draw on location where they live and travel.

This was our first collaboration with Mark Brown Plein Air Art Master Class taught today by Dennis Daniel. It was such an honor to join a group of talented Plein Air local artists. We hope to do another collaboration again soon.

Year of the Rooster – Sketched Around the World

People in good spirits; busy streets and markets.
Red dragons, roosters, umbrellas.
A butchered pig on wheels.
Drumming in the distance; the smell of incense and fireworks.

Happy Chinese New Year!

As always, don’t forget to check out our sketches on Flickr and upload your own!

See you at our next event on February 11 at UH Mānoa!

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A Growing USkO Network

Last week, Urban Sketchers Correspondent and Washingtonian Michele contacted us about sketching with the O‘ahu chapter. Since no official events were planned during our brief recess for the holidays, we decided to get together for an impromptu sketch in Chinatown. Kekaulike Street is overflowing with sketch subjects: produce stands, shoppers, delivery trucks, rainbow umbrellas, family-owned shops, big markets, and curious passersby. As so often before, time ran out way too soon. We did get an exciting glimpse of Michele’s travel and sketching activities though, sampling her work from visits to Edinburgh, the Manchester USk Symposium, and of course Hawai‘i.

Check out our sketches on Flickr!

Looking forward to seeing Michele again at our first event in the new year (stay tuned)!

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