Boats, fishermen, water, and more!

A little drizzle and a little wind couldn’t stop us from sketching at Pier 38 this morning. What a nice Saturday to be outdoors sketching daily harbor activities.

Thanks Nancy for suggesting Pier 38 for urban sketching!
Some of us got a great view of the harbor!
Bill sketched from Nico’s Restaurant and got an early lunch!
Christine waiting for the brief drizzle to pass.
Jen came prepared with clips for the wind.

There’s so much to sketch at the harbor: classic fishing boats with fishermen onboard, the ripples of the greenish harbor water, fallen seed pods on the ground, and the large shipping machinery in the distance. Time just flies by when you are trying to focus on your sketch.

But we did it!

Socially distancing of course!
In groups no more than 5!

Thank you all for sketching today. We are looking at December 12th for our next on location holiday sketching. Check back for more info.

Happy Thanksgiving fellow sketchers! Be safe.

On a side note: Some of my photos are missing from the slideshow. I’ve written to wordpress to inquire why.

Are you ready to to sketch at the harbor?

We are so excited to see your happy faces as we sketch together this Saturday, November 21st at Pier 38. Please read previous post here for location.

To RSVP, email by Friday, November 20th with your name and phone number. It looks like there will be 7 of us so far, so we will break up into 2 groups to be compliant with Oahu’s Tier 2 guidelines. You can also review Urban Sketchers guidelines here.

See you on Saturday 10am to noon!

Happy sketching.

I took this photo this morning of Honolulu harbor. Just wanted to share.

Tugged and Tied

Honolulu Harbor was active this morning. Tugboats waltzed barges around, speakers blared on a recently docked cruise ship, and numerous small vessels zipped by. From our vantage point, we could see it all… including curtains of rain missing us by just a couple of city blocks.

Show-and-tell exposed us to the usual variety of styles, techniques, and sketch sizes (this week’s extreme being a smartphone!). Special themes touched upon today: speed sketching (those barges move fast… or do we sketch slowly?) and details versus sweeping strokes. Other than that, we were grateful to Darby for holding off for the duration of our event.

As always, feedback is very welcome: if you have suggestions for future locations, or ideas regarding the format of our events, please let us know!

Also, do not forget to check out the day’s sketches on Flickr – and upload yours!

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