42nd Annual Prince Lot Hula Festival

Gripping performances of hula kāhiko took centerstage today at the morning session of the 42nd Annual Prince Lot Hula Festival, held again this year at ‘Iolani Palace. Hālau hula featuring accomplished dancers of all ages were celebrated by a receptive audience, which included a dozen sketchers who often felt overwhelmed by the fast-moving and large ensembles (at one point close to 40 performers were on stage). We strived nonetheless to capture the spirit of the day, from the elegant and expressive flow of dance movements to architecture, flora, and fauna of the surroundings. Even a disruptive helicopter that forced the program to pause twice, as it noisily moved material at a nearby highrise construction site, could not distract from a fantastic morning of Hawaiian culture.

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Mo‘olelo o Moanalua

The Prince Lot Hula Festival is one of our favorite events in the islands. Having missed it for several years in a row, we were excited to return this weekend to see Hālau Hula from the islands in the idyllic setting of Moanalua Gardens. The atmosphere was as wonderful as we remembered it (and so were the poi mochi). Both ancient and modern hula (hula kahiko and hula ‘auana) were performed beautifully, complemented by a concert of the Royal Hawaiian Band at noon. To us, this event embodies much of what we love about Hawai‘i: the history, mele and hula, people who care. Oh, and we managed to do a little sketching too!

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