Quick Afternoon Sketch with an Edible Target

This afternoon seemed like a fine time to practice sketching, something I have been vowing to do between USkO events and never seem to commit to. Not a good way to make progress!

In any case, I chose to visit a nearby ‘ulu (breadfruit) tree … one that is being meticulously cared for and doted upon like an only child in a royal lineage.    :)    The specimen was acquired as part of a giveaway through the Breadfruit Institute and hopefully will bear fruit in several years. The momentous occasion of “first appearance of fruit” would certainly require a second sketch installment!

The first sketch was made with my typical process … a pen outline with watercolor pencil placed on top. The second sketch was a quick and lighthearted attempt to capture the essence of the tree. It was most successful (in my opinion) when the pen was running out of ink and easier for me to control.