Kick-Off Event

Today our chapter had its kick-off event from 8:00am – 11:00am on Magic Island. The weather was great, and it was nice to see everyone there!
Below are a few photos of the group sketching the park, beach, and city.
 At 10:30 we got to see the results of our two and a half hours of sketching. People shared tips and tricks, challenges they faced (such as when using unfamiliar media), and – most of all – their enthusiasm for sketching.
There was quite a diversity in styles and media. People arrived with pens, pastels, watercolor sets, coloured pencils and even a tablet made an appearance.

A fabulous way to spend the morning! We hope to see everyone again for our next event, as well as some newcomers!

2 Comments on “Kick-Off Event”

  1. Congratulations! Nice to know there’s a USk chapter there now! We have family on Oahu and visit every year. I sketch with USK Seattle, Whidbey Island and Anacortes Sketchers, contributing to the ASk and Whidbey Island blog. Hope to meet up with you this December/January.

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    • AJ Tauber says:

      Let us know if you have any favourite spots to sketch on Oahu … that you don’t mind sharing!


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