November Outing

Our chapter had its second event on Saturday afternoon at Iolani Palace. Although the night before and morning of the event were rainy, the weather was beautiful for our outing. It was great to see returning and new sketchers.

We had planned to do a sketch crawl to capture several historic and architecturally interesting buildings in the surrounding area of downtown, however Iolani Palace proved to be enough of a challenge and captured our full attention for the afternoon.

The 178th anniversary of King Kalakaua’s birth and the 51st anniversary of the re-creation of the Royal Guard were last Friday. This made the palace – even the day after – a spectacular sight to behold.

After sketching we shared ideas on how to use and make portable watercolor sets. Anita showed us her clever use of an empty gum dispenser inside an Altoids tin to create a very portable setup.

In the photo below (left), Carol is showing us the color chart she sometimes uses to figure out which watercolor pencils to mix. The photo below (right) depicts Anita, Harald, and Ricardo talking about value, the challenge of proportion, and fitting the subject on the page.
Hope to see everyone again at our next event in early December!

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