Although I no longer dress up in costume for Halloween, I still enjoy going out to see other people run around with their trick-or-treat bags. Mānoa Valley is a popular Halloween destination – candy is handed out generously and people of all ages get into the spirit.

Before entering the fray myself, I couldn’t help but sketch the sunset from an elevated vantage point in upper Mānoa.

Then, I made a beeline down to faculty housing which is a hub of activity in the valley.

Two residents made an enormous effort to transform their housing unit for Halloween. Not only had they made a stunning ship, which they manned as pirates, but they incorporated a history lesson. The ship was flying a USA-pirate flag, and a flickering image of Queen Lili‘uokalani behind bars was projected onto the balcony. A recorded voice from within the bow told trick-or-treaters about the USS Boston’s involvement in the overthrow of the Hawaiian monarchy. All in all, it was an impressive installation complete with a fog machine creating a spooky scene!

These stationary subjects were easier to sketch than the kids racing around!

2 Comments on “Halloween”

  1. Anita Benson says:

    These are wonderful! Not only are they well executed, they have feeling. Aloha, Anita

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