Last Event of the Year!

Join us at the historic Washington Place this Saturday to enjoy its 170 year history. We certainly will not be the first to sketch the mansion. In fact, below is a drawing of it by Paul Emmert from 1853!

Also, remember that the hosts require that you register for a ticket (free) on Eventbrite to access the grounds.

2 Comments on “Last Event of the Year!”

  1. awflitter says:

    Hi Sebastian, I have registered for the event at Washington Place on Saturday on EventBright but wanted to know if there should be a ticket that I print out or would they just have my name on a directory. Thanks so much, looking forward to seeing you then, — Alice Flitter



    • Sebastian Sievert says:

      Hi Alice,

      I’m not familiar with their procedure, however you should have received a confirmation e-mail with the ticket attached. Printing it or having it viewable on an electronic device would probably do the trick.

      Looking forward to sketching with you again!



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