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Celebrate Arbor Day by sketching with us next Saturday! For more information about the Arbor Day Honolulu Festival click here.

Anniversary Sketch Event!

Next Event – Back to Basics!

With our fifth anniversary just around the corner, we thought it fitting to go back to basics! After all, urban sketching is meant to take place at any place or time! This month’s event location was not chosen for its particularly alluring features; it has no sweeping views of a beach and is not associated with a festival. It is simply a street corner in Honolulu. Let’s try our hand at urban sketching in its purest form!


Next Event!

Event Tomorrow!

We hope that you will join us to sketch the rail tomorrow morning!
Here is the link to our flyer (map included).

In case you are not able to find us, give us a call.

Next Event!

Event Update – See you soon!

Looks rainy this morning. There is shelter at the Mayor’s Office of Culture and Arts (the Mission Memorial Museum Auditorium). See you all at the new location soon!