Get on the Train!

This Saturday’s event is at the Hawaiian Railway Society. An entire train yard and operating trains are waiting to be sketched!

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Update for Saturday’s Event

Re-use Hawaiʻi management has graciously offered to give us a short introduction to their organization’s mission and history at 10:00 am to start off our event. Please arrive promptly to hear the context for your sketches!

See you tomorrow!

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Remember to bring your hard hat and tool belt for this one! :)

Next Event!

POW! WOW! Hawaiʻi 2018 started today. The festival brings artists from around the world to Kakaʻako. Sketch them working on murals as they tower above you in construction cranes and perch on ladders – who knows, maybe they will start rappelling from rooftops to paint!

Event Update for Saturday

Our meeting location for Windward Mall has changed slightly. Instead of gathering in the Sears wing, we will get together near the escalator by Bath & Body Works, which is at center court on the ground floor. Check out our updated flyer for all the event details. Hope to see you on Saturday!

Next Event!

Now that the holiday shopping frenzy is over, let’s sketch at the mall!