Happy New Year!

As usual, our neighborhood was lit up by fireworks on New Year’s Eve. I decided to get closer to sketch the fireworks from a couple feet away, exploding above me. Shortly before midnight, I raced out of the house with a flashlight, sketchbook, ziplock bag of graphite and charcoal, and my noise reduction earmuffs to find the perfect sketching spot. I sat curbside at an intersection where I could see fireworks being launched from three different locations around me.

The charcoal was perfect to capture the dark night, shadows, and smokey atmosphere. However, I could not portray the neighborhood and people the way I wanted. For the final sketch I tried to use both media, graphite and charcoal.

Happy New Year to you all! Can’t wait to sketch with you in 2018 – our first event of the year is coming soon!


5 Comments on “Happy New Year!”

  1. ivan kaisan says:

    great sebastian. would not think charcoal would work w/nite scene but works fine. hny to you too.

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  2. Love these Sebastian. Our group USk Canberra, had it’s first night sketch at the city park with lots of Christmas decorations. We forgot to take torches so it ended up too dark to sketch and we also got bitten by mosquitoes!

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    • Sebastian Sievert says:

      Yes, night sketches are both fun and tricky. I’ve been lucky enough to find street lights in the right places, but I sometimes bring a headlamp so I have both hands free to sketch. We’re looking forward to our first event of the year; it’s indoors. Yay, no mosquitoes! Happy New Year to all you sketchers in Canberra!


  3. Neeron Clapp says:

    Great effort,Sebastian.I have never attempted night sketching but hope to find time to do at least one sketch on your island when I visit at the end of the month. Joined USK Perth last year.

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    • Sebastian Sievert says:

      Thank you. We will be posting details for our second January event soon. I hope you can join us on the 27th!


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