Happy New Year!

Please excuse my prolonged absence – I recently moved to Maui for work! Last night was my first sketch in a little while. It was great, except that I miss seeing and sketching with everyone! In any case, I shall keep sharing my sketches – just from a little farther away than usual.

In keeping with tradition, I sketched fireworks in my neighborhood on New Year’s Eve. I actually found myself in a spot where I felt like I was surrounded by fireworks. In the dark (and without a flashlight in order to preserve my night vision), I doodled with two basic Pilot gel pens and a Sharpie marker, adding the fireworks and glow with color pencils in as real time as possible – along with a little on-page narrative.

A happy new year to you all!


Happy New Year!

As usual, our neighborhood was lit up by fireworks on New Year’s Eve. I decided to get closer to sketch the fireworks from a couple feet away, exploding above me. Shortly before midnight, I raced out of the house with a flashlight, sketchbook, ziplock bag of graphite and charcoal, and my noise reduction earmuffs to find the perfect sketching spot. I sat curbside at an intersection where I could see fireworks being launched from three different locations around me.

The charcoal was perfect to capture the dark night, shadows, and smokey atmosphere. However, I could not portray the neighborhood and people the way I wanted. For the final sketch I tried to use both media, graphite and charcoal.

Happy New Year to you all! Can’t wait to sketch with you in 2018 – our first event of the year is coming soon!