Sketcher Down

We hope that you all had a happy and healthy start to the new year. Unfortunately, one of us did not. Tuesday, Harald was thrown over the handlebars of his bicycle when the front wheel hit a pothole on Manoa Road. Thank you to the many people (tourists and locals alike) who stopped to help him, providing first aid, ice, shade, and plenty of aloha!

As you might expect, I sketched almost every step of his treatment in Queen’s Medical Center’s ER – once I had snagged pen and paper from the nurse’s station.   :)

Harald is recovering at home now but will need a little time before he can sketch again. (He keeps making noises though about joining us on Sunday anyway!)

Stay safe and we look forward to seeing you at Whole Foods this Sunday!

5 Comments on “Sketcher Down”

  1. Carol says:

    Please get better very fast.

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  2. awflitter says:

    Oh no! So sorry to hear about this, heal and feel better quickly, Harald!

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  3. Bronwen Welch says:

    Hi Sebastian, I don’t know if this will get to you, but I just wanted to thank you for alerting us to Harald’s fall. I’m so sorry and send him my best for a quick recovery. Maybe he can sketch while recovering! Your sketches are wonderful, painful, but wonderful. Wish I could join you on Sunday…out of town. Bronwen 🌺

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  4. Audrey says:

    Wish you a speedy recovery Harald. So painful to look at. Please take care.

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  5. Bill Dux says:

    Very graphic and incredible drawings. Looks like they were prepping a mummy.

    Get better, Harold!

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