At Whole Foods on a Rainy Day

We finally made it back to Whole Foods! The location was perfect for us on this rainy day: sweeping views of a large grocery store and surrounding urban life, ample parking, and food to recover after a long sketch. At show-and-tell, we talked about vanishing points, digital art tips and tech, ambidextrous sketching, capturing the wet and splashy outdoors, and drawing people (always tricky – Terri is charging ahead, learning from instructional videos during bus commutes!). Also, Joel stunned us with a discreet oil painting setup outfitted with jars, a pallet knife, and a glass tray for mixing. It sounds like he’s in the market for a small, robust easel too. We are looking forward to seeing how the setup develops!

And, as mentioned this morning, Harald thanks everyone for the well wishes and looks forward to joining in on the fun next time!

Happy new year everyone!

As always, don’t forget to check out our sketches on Flickr and upload your own!

Stay tuned for details about our next event!

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One Comment on “At Whole Foods on a Rainy Day”

  1. Do you know if Joel knows the work of Alvin Mark from Singapore USk? He regularly paints in oils and has a YouTube channel where he shoes his work and gear. Alvin’s page is

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