Find your Center

I don’t think Urban Sketchers O’ahu has ever sketched at Ala Moana Center. So we should.

Did you know that Ala Moana Shopping Center is the world’s largest open-air shopping center? There’s plenty of free parking at 10 am. Lots of people and interesting designs to sketch. Lots of benches and other places to sit. And lots of shady spots. Public restrooms nearby. And lots of food choices if you get hungry.

Let’s meet in the green space near Bloomingdale’s. There’s a mini stage area near the escalator.

I saw a small pond of koi that is just waiting to be sketched. And cool lanterns on the 4th level that would look great in anyone’s sketch book. Or just choose to sketch the many shoppers walking around.

If attending, please email us at by Friday, August 26th with your name and phone number. Please be considerate of others around you and stay home if you feel sick.

Looking forward to seeing you on Saturday!

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