Fun Time at Ala Moana Center

It may be the world’s largest outdoor shopping center, but when you looked at our small group huddled around the tiny koi pond seeking shade on this hot day, you would think we were at the smallest shopping center in the world.

Remember the long koi pond with tons of hungry fish that went down the middle of the center? Well, this little pond is all that’s left. Sad.

Having a small group means we got to talk story while we sketched and that’s always fun.

Thank you Pam, Ivan, and Christine for coming out today. I know everyone rather be watching Hawai’i play in the Little League World Series but that’s what DVRs are for! See you next month.

One Comment on “Fun Time at Ala Moana Center”

  1. will says:

    5*’s…very nice sketches. wish i had been there but i will be in Hawaii on Nov. 7th-13 so i hope u have something planned for that weekend.


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