Saying Aloha to Aloha Stadium

So grateful that Aloha Stadium was open to the public for one last Aloha ‘Oe. Although we didn’t buy orange stadium seats to take home, we did get one last look and the opportunity to sketch Aloha Stadium one last time.

Just a small group of sketchers today. Sorry Ivan, we missed you. Those of us that did get to go inside, were treated to view a museum of great memorabilia including concert posters, football jerseys, helmets, and more. We got to walk inside the locker rooms that the players were and be on the field of many touchdowns and famous live performances including Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, and the Eagles.

After a week of heavy rain, we were grateful for a nice sunny day to take part of this final farewell to Aloha Stadium.

One Comment on “Saying Aloha to Aloha Stadium”

  1. will says:

    Looks like a 3 star event-great sketches :)


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