Celebrating the Honolulu Festival

One of the largest cultural exchange events in Hawai’i will be happening March 10-12, 2023. Let’s capture what we see with our urban sketching.

Let’s meet at 10am near this statue.

You’ll have 1.5 hours to sketch what you see. We’ll meet again at the statue at 11:30 to share our sketches.

Honolulu Festival took a break because of the pandemic. It’s now back. The Festival attracts thousands of attendees who wish to experience the rich and vibrant blend of Asia, Pacific, and Hawaiian cultures. There will be live performances from regions such as Japan, Australia, Tahiti, the Philippines, Taiwan, South Korea, and Hawai’i. Enjoy art exhibits, crafts, and food galore. Admission is free. There is a parking fee.

If attending, please RSVP at uskoahu@gmail.com by Friday, March 10th. Hope to see you there!

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