Art on and near the Zoo Fence

Upon arrival at our meeting point, we found our view of the exhibiting artists setting up for “Art on the Zoo Fence” mostly obscured by three large fire trucks in front of the zoo. Unfortunately they managed to negotiate the sharp turn onto the zoo grounds before we could sketch them.

Some 15 sketchers came out this morning, both new and returning. It was impressive to hear what distances some of them had covered to attend the event. Noyita traveled by bus for almost three hours to join us. Now that is commitment to the cause!

As usual, we gathered for a show-and-tell at the end of the event to share our artwork, techniques, and thoughts on materials. Pen, pencil, watercolor, color pencil, and ink all made an appearance in the artwork on display. Our lively discussion covered a variety of topics ranging from where to buy supplies, through layering of media, to the mesmerizing effect of the zoo cacophony and the contemporaneous zumba performance at the Kapi‘olani Bandstand. Below are a few photos.

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We hope to see everyone at our next event, which will be announced at the start of next week.

October Event Announcement

Make space on your calendars for the next event – less than 3 weeks away!