Not Ready for the Cemetery


Today’s sketching excursion to Mānoa Chinese Cemetery (Honolulu) was one of our less well prepared outings. Harald forgot to take his set of Micron pens, AJ was accosted by an over-friendly chicken, and neither remembered to bring a camera to document the event. In true USk fashion, we tried to make the best of the situation anyway. Although today’s sketches (chicken! tree!) may not have captured the most iconic sights, we had fun and gained a serious appreciation of the beauty and special character of our location. Definitely a destination to return to.

The photos below were taken later in the day when we briefly returned to the cemetery – this time with camera.

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Mānoa Valley Christmas Parade

Earlier this month, I went to see the Christmas parade with, seemingly, every Mānoa Valley resident. I took up position on the corner of Lowrey Ave. and East Manoa Rd., and saw entire streets lined with people in a festive, community spirit. Unfortunately, the parade passed by so quickly that I was only able to capture a few moments: a police motorcycle leading the parade, a school’s marching band performing Christmas carols, and a troop of Scottish bagpipe players.