Go Bows!

At UH Manoa’s Rainbow Wahine Softball Stadium the Bows went up against Cal Poly yesterday. It was an afternoon of bewilderment and thrill for those of us who had never attended a softball game before, especially when a ball hit the bench just two feet away from one of us. Lesson: do not look at your sketchbook for too long – always keep a close eye on the ball!

After bearing with the afternoon heat, we gathered in the shade for our show-and-tell. Figuring out how to convey motion became the theme of the day. Various strategies were discussed, such as using just a few lines to capture a posture, combining information from multiple subjects in a similar stance, as well as completely avoiding motion and sketching stationary targets – a favorite :) .

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Don’t forget to check out our sketches on the USkO Flickr page!

See you at the next event on May 21!