Graduation. And, what next?

Last month, I graduated from UH Mānoa. I decided to sketch myself in the mirror wearing my graduation outfit. Darn, self portraits are so tricky! My head is more triangular and oblong than what I drew – I need some practice. Oh well, here’s some handsome guy who graduated – looks like he’s wearing my outfit.  :)

Now, it’s on to the next phase of life: finding employment during tough times and exploring new things!

Hearty Hardy Sketchers

Torrential rain and gusts.
New sketchers, returning sketchers.
All-weather sketchers committed to drawing and painting.
Glowing bamboo even in gloom of rain.
Unintended watercolor sketches abounded at show-and-tell.
Better weather on February 25?

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Go Bows!

At UH Manoa’s Rainbow Wahine Softball Stadium the Bows went up against Cal Poly yesterday. It was an afternoon of bewilderment and thrill for those of us who had never attended a softball game before, especially when a ball hit the bench just two feet away from one of us. Lesson: do not look at your sketchbook for too long – always keep a close eye on the ball!

After bearing with the afternoon heat, we gathered in the shade for our show-and-tell. Figuring out how to convey motion became the theme of the day. Various strategies were discussed, such as using just a few lines to capture a posture, combining information from multiple subjects in a similar stance, as well as completely avoiding motion and sketching stationary targets – a favorite :) .

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A “Cozy” Gathering at UH Mānoa

UH Mānoa was good to us again. On our second visit to campus this year, the weather was just as gorgeous as last time, and our location at Kennedy Theatre / East-West Center offered a variety of architectural vistas, as well as views of cultural practitioners of various persuasions. To our bewilderment, attendance left much to be desired – but all shall be forgiven if you show up next time. We still had a range of sketching styles (and sizes!) to marvel at during show-and-tell and greatly enjoyed socializing under the giant Banyan tree. True commitment to the cause was exhibited by some who stayed on to sketch elsewhere on campus, for two more hours…

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Rock and Mineral Treasure Trove on Campus

I am currently taking a geology lab course at the University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa. Last Wednesday, our class walked around campus to identify different rocks using the knowledge that we had accumulated so far… and the occasional guidance of our instructor. :) I really enjoyed the tour, so at the end of the week I decided to spend more time on campus to sketch several of the rocks we looked at. I became so engrossed in the scenes that I ended up sketching for 3 hours.

I first sketched the Pacific Ocean Sciences and Technology Building where I have my class.

Then I went to the Hawaii Peace Memorial near Kennedy Theatre, which seems to be made of Granodiorite, an intrusive igneous rock (solidifies from magma).

My last stop was the Campus Center. At the Campus Drive entrance, there is a sculpture called Hina-O Na Lani (Mother of the Universe). The figure and its base are both made of popular rocks used for kitchen countertops: Granite and Anorthosite. The courtyard of the Campus Center is tiled with fairly smooth and flat rocks which, unlike the others I mentioned, are metamorphic (unmelted rock transformed by high temperature and pressure) – possibly Phyllite. Anyway, I’m getting carried away talking about rocks and what I’ve been learning!

I am unexpectedly pleased with the close-up sketches of the minerals in the rock… and would even say that they look better than the rest of the sketch. Crayon turned out to be an excellent choice of medium because of its waxy and gritty look. The colors of the minerals were great to see, and definitely something new to sketch.

I hope to sketch more of campus in the future, whether that is on my own or during an Urban Sketchers O‘ahu event!